End your search for pure Ayurvedic treatment & 21st century Modern Allopathic treatment. Both the treatment solutions are available here in our Loknete Rajarambapu Patil Hospital.

The specialties of the Hospital :

The Hospital is located in specious sight having 9 OPDs and 6 IPDs. The 24 hour emergency service is available. The Hospital Ambulance serves better for emergencies in need.

We Serve regular treatments for all diseases as well as provides traditional Ayurvedic treatment like Panchakarma, Ksharsutras,Yoga. We have special unit for Paralysis, Beauty care, Garbha Sanskara, Mental Disorders were we give both Ayurvedic as well as modern treatment. We are also conducting Yoga therapies for our patients and provides advice on healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.

The Hospital is well equipped having faculties like X-ray, Sonography, Treadmills, Colour Droppler, NICU. etc.

Ayurvedic Panchakarma Chikistsa :- (Detoxification Procedures) like full body massage (Shehana), Steam bath (Swedana), Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Nasya, Raktamokshan all the procedures are performed in economical rates.

We have I.C.U., N.I.C.U., P.I.C.U. facilities.

Well equipped Operation theatre.

Treatment regarding Gynecological and Pediatric disorder (Ayurvedic and Modern treatment).

Expert advice on healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.

Residential facility for R.M.O. and Resident Doctors.

Ayurved and Modern medicine drug store.

Canteen facility for  patients.

Clinical material in the Hospital:

Hospital Instruments IPD
Hospital Instruments OPD

Prakash Shiksha Mandal’s
Loknete Rajarambapu Patil Ayurvedic Medical College, Hospital,Post Graduate Institute &Research Centre, Islampur Islampur Sangli Road, Islampur Tal: Walwa; Dist: Sangli. Phone – 02342-661212 to 661224 Fax – (02342) 661212E-mail – prakash_sankul@yahoo.com

Hospital Staff List