Introduction to the Department – 

Prasuti Tantra & Striroga is an important clinical department for teaching & trainning of student. This department deals with diagnosis, investigations,labour,post labour care with all Gynaecological diseases in the field of obstetrics & Gynaecology both Ayurveda & modern aspects. Annual 5 P.G. Students are admitted in this department has qualified teaching faculty is also provided with good infrastructure. The department has responsibility of teaching & trainning of 3rd professional B.A.M.S. students. Department maintainance 1 opd in hospital & provides emergency & labour services related subjects.

Facility in the Department – 

1) Department is well maintained with library consisting to books of verious types

2) Department has more than ennnumber of charts & models.Department museum having various types of specimens.

3) Department has well equipped word, operation theatre. Labour room with all supportive diagnostic tools

4) We encourage our students to participate & Attends verious National & International seminars.

5) Faculty is efficiently handling all types of emergency in the Hospital & also perform necessory surgeries.

Teaching Staff –

Sr.No. Name of Teaching Staff



 Dr. Hemalata Chandrashekhar Kongi

(M.S. Striroga & Prasuti Tantra)

 HOD & Professor


 Dr. Salim Musa Mulla

(M.S. Striroga & Prasuti Tantra)  



 Dr. Hrushikesh Raghuraj Metkari
(M.S. Striroga & Prasuti Tantra)

 Associate Professor


 Dr. Sharavati Sanjay Katte
(M.S. Striroga & Prasuti Tantra)

Assistant Professor


 Dr. Sheetal Sunil Pawar
(M.S. Striroga & Prasuti Tantra)

 Assistant Professor


 Dr. Pranali Prasad Dounde
(M.S. Striroga & Prasuti Tantra)

 Assistant Professor


 Dr. Supriya Laxman Mahind

(M.S. Striroga & Prasuti Tantra)

 Assistant Professor


2011- 2012
1)  Dr. Tambe.Rahul.Bhiku Study the effect of  kushamula & balamula choorna with tandulodaka in asrigdhara Dr.P.U.Lomate
2) Dr.Bhatt.Jeny.Mukesh Study the efficacy of patola, nimba, manjista, surasa, ointment in garbhini chikitsa Dr. Jyotsana.Patil
3) Dr. Shinde.Deepak.Tanaji Clinical study on the management stanyakshaya by pippali choorna with sukhoshna godugdha Dr. P.U.Lomate
4) Dr. Prataprao.Ighe Clinical study to evaluate efficacy of vidarikanda siddha gritha in upavistaka Dr.Prashant.Patil
5) Dr.Ashwini. Pawar Clinical efficacy in punarnnava, guduchi, ashwagandha & vidari siddha ksheerapaka with sarpi in garbhini paricharya Dr.H.C.Kongi
1) Dr. Balaji. Balasaheb. Lomate To study the efficacy of panchaksheeri praval choorna in kaphaja rajodusti wsr chronic cervicitis Dr.H.C.Kongi
2)  Dr. Apte. Mugdha. Anand Study the  efficacy of vidarikanda choorna (Pueraria tuberosa) with ksheera in the management of stanya kshaya Dr. P.U.Lomate
3)  Dr. Sharavati.Narayan. Jadhav Study of kustumbari kalka, sharkara with tandulodaka in controlling garbhini chardhi Dr.H.C.Kongi
4) Dr. Pallavi. Prashant.Waman Clinical study of trikatu, chaturjata, kustumbaru & puranaguda in the management of sutika makkala wsr  to puerperal after pains Dr.H.C.Kongi
5)  Dr. Jamadade.Shilpa. Chandrakant To study the efficacy of pathyagrita in garbhini pandu wsr Iron deficiecy anaemia in pregnnancy Dr.P.U.Lomate
1) Dr. Swami. N. Shivashankar Study the effect of lodhra & vata twak kashaya yonidhavana in shwetapradar Dr Jyotasana Patil
2) Dr. Nalwandikar. Pravin kumar.Prakash Study of effect of maash yoga in shukra kshaya wsr oligospermia Dr.P.U.Lomate
3) Dr. Patil.Jagruti. Ravidra Study the efficacy of sharapunkamula choorna (T.P) with tandulodaka in asrigdhara Dr.Jyotsana.Patil
4) Dr.Bhosale. Varsharai Evaluate efficacy of nagkeshar choorna ( mesua ferres) with takra in shwetapradara wsr leucorrhoea Dr.P.U.Lomate
5)  Dr.Anamika.Rai Clinical evaluation of  brihat shatavari ghrita locally & orally in pittaja yonivyapad wsr to PID Dr . H.C.Kongi
1) Dr Iram mulla Management of acharana yonivyapad with kasisadi  varti Dr.P.U.Lomate
2) Dr. Prashant. Patil Study of the efficacy of gokshuradi guggulu in the asrigdhar wsr to menorrhagia Dr.P.U.Lomate
3)Dr.Hrishikesh.P.Wagmare Clinical study of the effect of nimbadalakalka on vitapacheda vrana wsr to episiotomy Dr. H.C.Kongi
4) Dr.Kiran.D.Suryavanshi Study the efficacy of bhunimbadi kalka with sharkara in the management of garbhini chardhi Dr.H.C.Kongi
5)  Dr.Rupali.Dongre Study the effecacy of erandtaila pichu in the garbhashaya greeva mukhagata vrana wsr to cervical erosion Dr.P.U.Lomate
1)  Dr.Rupali.Patil Clinical study on the management of  stanyakshaya by magadhi , nagara, pathya, guda, ghrita Dr. P. U. Lomate
2) Dr. Pramod. S.Shendage Clinical management of shukrakshaya by amalakadi churna yoga wsr to oligospermia Dr.P.U.Lomate
3) Dr.Nilesh.Thakare Comparative evaluation of haritaki churna orally with or  without triphala kwathdhawana in kaphaja yonivyapad Dr.P.U.Lomate
4) Dr.Archana.Satpute Clinical evaluation of laghu phalagrita locally & orally in pittaja yonivyapad wsr to PID Dr.H.C.Kongi
5) Dr.Priyanka.R.Jadhav Clinical evaluation of gokshuradi churna & nirgundi swarasa on stree vandhyatwa wsr to anovulation Dr.H.C.Kongi

Research papers and publications – 

Dr.P.U. Lomate: Clinical Evaluation of Brihat Shatavari Ghrita locally and orally in Pittaj yoni vyapad w.s.r. to PID

Dr.Hemlata Kongi:

1) Tubal Block – A case study

2) Ectopic Pregnancy

3) Pregnancy to Delivery -an Ayurvedic reviews.

Dr.Poonam P. Khot.

1.Conceptual study of Shigrupunarnavadi churna in poisonous bite.