Sharir Rachana is the branch of Ayurveda which deals with the knoledge about bones, muscles, blood vessels, strotas, joints, vital organs and also about the knowledge of Marmas and Garbha Sharir.

Specialties about the Department :

Most attractive portion is our Anatomy Museum having more than 200 specimens are mounted with various sections of body parts.

Articulated skeletons, separate bone sets, models.

Dissection of human body is done regularly in the Department for the comprehensive knowledge of human body.

Sr.No. Name of Teaching Staff Designation
1. Dr. Ranjit Shamrao Mohite
( M.D.Rachana Sharir )
HOD & Professor
 2. Dr. Pradnya Suhas Rokade
( M.D. Rachana Sharir )
Associate Professor
3. Dr. Sandip Gunvant Patil
(M.D. Rachana Sharir)
Assistant Professor