Introduction about shalya tantra department – 

Shalya tantra is one of distinct of astang Ayurveda will teaches us surgical knowledge and procedure that are performed and used by thousands of years . modern plastic surgery speciality that has its origin from shalyatantra which documented in modern journals.

Surgical knowledge of disease and tretments described in shalyatantra can be researched and used in deseases with minimum complications and side effects . now a days world is turning to Ayurveda for comprehnshive treatment for diseases .

Our shalyatantra department conduct fouth year B A M S . MS ( Shalyatantra )

Facility in the department – 

  • Have the good library in that library all types of surgical books available
  • Have the basic knowledge and surgical principles described in shalya tantra by various acharyas
  • Have 1 presentiton hall in that we discuss about cases
  • Have all types of surgical instuments
  • Have all types of organs samples with museum
  • Have medicine samples
  • Have separate cabin all teachers and HOD and P G students
  • Shalya tantra department have good teaching staff are available
  • All the staff is experienced and specializes in surgical field
  • Have 5 PG students every year

Teaching staff of the department – 

– We have good teaching staff all teaching are well experienced and specialize in surgical field

– Clinical case presentation is done by PG students every month

– Seminar on subject are taken every month

– Renowned ayurvedic surgeons are invited as guest lecture on varies shalyatantra subject

Sr.No. Name of Teaching Staff Designation
1. Dr. Veerendra Kalyanrao Meenkire
( M.D. Shalyatantra)
DEAN & Professor
2. Dr. Amit Ramchandra Shedge
( M.D. Shalyatantra)

HOD & Professor


Dr. Sunil Krishna Jadhav
(M.D. Shalyatantra)

Associate Professor


Dr. Vikas Subhashrao Patil
(M.D. Shalyatantra)

Assistant Professor

5. Dr. Dnyanesh Sunil Chikhale
(M.D. Shalyatantra)

Assistant Professor

Name & Topic of PG Scholars of SHALYA TANTRA

Sr. No. Name of  Student Name of  Guide Topic Year
1 Sapana Sagare Dr. Meenkire Veerendra Management of Bhagandar by Karanj KS 2010-11
2 Vikas Patil Dr. Bhoi Prasad The efficacy of Jalaukavacharan in management of Vranashoth 2010-11
3 Sharad Mahajan Dr. Bhoi Prasad Role of Yavakshar & Gokshur in management of Mutrasmari 2010-11
4 Vijaykumar Pande Dr. Chavan Role of Sharpunkha mul lepa in management of Vrana 2010-11
5 Sachin Pandhare Dr. Chavan Comparative study of Agnikarma & Lumbar puncture in Katishool 2010-11
6 Sushant Thorat Dr. Umbardand Efficasy of Udumber siddha ghrita puran with Ksharsu. Management of Bhagandar 2011-12
7 Aditya Satvi Dr. Bhoi Prasad Management of Bhagandar by Palash KS 2011-12
8 Ganesh Patil Dr. Ambure Comparative study of  Suran Churna & Shunthi  Churna Management of arsha 2011-12
9 Praffula Patil Dr. Meenkire Krushna tila kalka in Management of arsha 2011-12
10 Ravindra Shinde Dr. Umbardand Role of Shwetarkamul lepa in management of Vrana 2011-12
11 Nishad Patil Dr. Meenkire Role of  Madhu  in management of Shuddha Vrana 2012-13
12 Vijay Saini Dr. Meenkire Effect of Pancha guna Taila puran  Management of Parikartika 2012-13
13 Irfan Kazi Dr.  Prasad Bhoi Effect of Sheelajatu with Madhu in Mutrashmari with Special Refferance To Renal Calculi 2012-13
14 Srikant Baheti Dr. Bhoi Prasad Local effect of Pancha valkal kshar with Shatdhaut ghrita in Vrana 2012-13
15 Amol Kamble Dr. Wali Ashok The efficacy of Darvydi Lepa in management of  Agantuj shoth 2012-13
16 Amarsingh Khokle Dr. Bhoi Prasad Local effect of Utsadan withTalpatri ghrita in Vrana 2013-14
17 Narendrakumar Aiwale Dr. Bhoi Prasad Comparative study of Agnikarma & Ksharkarma in Charmakeela 2013-14
18 Nilesh Pagar Dr. Meenkire Effect of Agnikarma in Vatakantak 2013-14
19 Sagar Shinde Dr. Meenkire Jalaukavacharan in management of MadhumehajVrana 2013-14
20 Sandip Barge Dr. Wali Ashok Study of The Effect of Katphaladi Lepa in Dushtavrana 2013-14
21 Guruputra Bagali Dr. Shedge Amit  Study of The Effect of Paribhadra Lepa in Dushtavrana 2014-15
22 Omkar potdar Dr Prasad bhoi Role of arka  kshara and agnikarma after excision of kadara with special reference to corn 2014-15
23 Nikhil sawant Dr.Ashok Wali Efficacy of agnikarma in vatakantaka with special reference  to Achilles tendinitis. 2014-15
24 Pravin Kumbhar Dr.Ashok Wali A comparative study of management of  Parikartika with special reference to Fissure in ano with Jatyadi Ghrita and and Shatadhaut Ghrita 2014-15
25 Satyaprakash Dr. Shedge Amit Efficacay of Ajwain patha churna in management of Arsha 2014-15
26 Anukul Dr. Prasad Bhoi Comparative study of agnikarma with Raupya and Tamra Shalaka in the  management of avbahuka with special reference to Frozen Shoulder 2015-16
27 Vijay Tayade Dr. Wali Ashok Comparative study of Nimbadya tail and Durvadya Tail in Agantuj vrana 2015-16
28 Bhakti Sathe Dr. Wali Ashok Comparative study of Agnikarm with roupya and Tamra Shalaka in Avabahuk wsr Frozen shoulder 2015-16
29 Sonali Desai Dr. Shedge Amit Comparative study of Jatyadi ghrut and Amrutadi ghrut in Dusht vrana 2015-16
30 Mali Dr. Prasad Bhoi Efficacy of ESWL in Mutrashmari 2015-16