Introduction  – 

Ayurveda is broadly classified into 8 parts called as Astang Ayurveda. Shalakya Tantra is one part of Astang Ayurveda which deals with the diseases of Urdhav-jatru i.e. body above the clavicle mainly it deals with the diseases of eyes, mouth, nose etc. To treat these diseases Shalaka (Probe) is used. So the subject is called as ‘Shalakya Tantra”.Shalakyatantra is nothing but the branch that cures the disease above clavicle i.e.eye ear nose mouth and throat,along with shirorag.Shalakya department is fulfilled every year by six p g students.Department is having separate o.p.d. like netra,karna nasa shirorog,and mukhrog,with fully equiped operation theatre of ophthalmology and ENT.Department is having fully skilled surgeons,and done number of ophthalmic and ENT surgeries.

Facilities in Department – 

1.Departmental Library

2.Departmental Museum

3.Tutorial Room

4.Digital charts and Paper charts

5.Models and Surgical instruments

Teaching staff in shalakyatantra department – 

Sr.No. Name of Teaching Staff Designation
1. Dr. Pravin Vitthal Chavan
( M.D. Shalakyatantra)

HOD & Professor

2. Dr. Neeta Ramesh Patil
( M.D. Shalakyatantra)
Associate Professor
3. Dr. Sunil Sadashiv Walvekar
(M.D. Shalakyatantra)

Associate Professor


Dr. Atul Sitaram Hubale
(M.D. Shalakyatantra)
Assistant Professor
5. Dr. Dushyant Ashokrao Raorane
(M.D. Shalakyatantra)

Assistant Professor

Dissertation Titles – 

Dr.sunil walvekar:

Guide Dr. Y V Narayan Rao M.D. Shalakytantra

“study of efficacy of shunthi Gairik churna lepa on kaphaja Abhishyanda.w.s.r. to ‘’ spring catarrh”

Dr Dattatraya Yalagi:

Guide Kishor Ghewade

“To study the efficacy of karpuranjana in Avrana shukla’”

Dr.Surendra Patel:

Guide Dr Kishor Ghewade

“To study the efficacy of Nimbapatra swarasa Aschyotana in Kaphaja Abhishyanda w.s.r. to mucopurulent conjunctivitis.”

Dr.Ninad Nagnae:

Guide Dr Ravindra Patil

“To study the efficacy of ghrit bharjit haritaki bidalaka in kapahaja Abhishyanda w.s.r. to spring catarrh.”

Dr.Mayur Sarvade:

Guide Vikas Kumbhar

‘’ To study the efficacy of shatavari ghrit tarpan in pittotklishta w.s.r. to subacute catarrhal allergic conjunctivities’’.

Dr.Pranoti Ghewade:

Guide Dr vikas Kumbhar

‘’ To study the role of pippali with madhu application in post operative treatment of lagan.’’

Dr.Shriprasad Kadam:

Guide Dr kishor Ghewade

‘’ To study the efficacy of phalatrikadi ghrit  akshitarpan in Timir w.s.r. to Myopia.’’

Dr.Kiran Jadhav:

Guide Dr Vikas Kumbhar

‘’Study of Efficacy of rasanjan and madhu pratisaran after bhedana of anjannamika’’.

Dr.Iqbal M Sayyad:

Guide Dr Pravin Chavan

‘’Study of efficacy of triphala kwath aschyotana in the management of pittaj abhishyanda’’.

Dr.Sandeep Darunde:

Guide  Dr Pravin Chavan

‘’Study of efficacy of ghrit bharjit lodhra bidalaka in kaphaja Abhishyanda w.s.r. to spring catarrh.’’

Dr.Suresh Laximan Mane:

Guide Dr Vikas Kumbhar

‘’ To study the efficacy of jeevantee siddha ghrith in suksha akshipak.’’

Dr. Jagdish Mirajkar:

Guide Dr Vikas Kumbhar

‘’Study of the efficacy of Nimbapatra pindi in the management of kaphaja Abhishyanda w.s.r to spring catarrh.’’

Dr.Vaishali Thakare:

Guide Dr Vikas Kumbhar

‘’study of efficacy of shatavari ghrit tarpan in management of Timir w.s.r. to Myopia.

Dr.Ritesh Bachate:

Guide Vikas Kumbhar

‘’To study the effect of mahatriphala ghrit akshitarpan and saptamrit loha in Timir.’’

Dr.Harshavardhan Joshi:

Guide Dr Pravin Chavan

‘’ Study the efficacy chandanadi bidalaka in pittaj Abhishyanda in pittaj Abhishyanda w.s.r. to acute mucopurulent conjunctivitis .’’

Dr. Amit N Kamble:

Guide Dr. Kishor Ghewade

‘’ study the efficacy of goghrit tarpan in management of shushkakshipak w.s.r. Dry Eye.’’

Dr. Santosh Khadse:

Guide Dr Pravin Chavan

‘’ study of efficacy of ghritkumari pindi in management of anjannamika external hordoleum.

 Dr.Pratap S Bhapkar:

Guide Dr Vikas Kumbhar

‘’ study the role of yawkshar pratisaran in post operative management of lagan. ‘’

Dr.Akash Repal:

Guide Ghewade

‘’Study of efficacy of vyoshadiyavarti anjan in the management of praster arma’’

Dr.Ashish Chandane:

Guide Dr Pravin Chavan

‘’ study of efficacy of manjista kwath aschyotana in vataparaya w.s.r. to ocular pain in subacute glaucomsa.

Dr.Pramod Godse:

Guide Dr Pravin Chavan

‘’ The efficacy of erandamul pindi in vatparaya ocular pain in subacute primary angle closure glaucoma.

Dr.Harikishan Darade:

Guide Vikas Kumbhar

‘’ study of efficacy of tagaradi churna and madhu pratisarana after bhedana karma of Anjannamika External hordeolum.

Dr.Bhiva Bhale:

Guide Dr Kishor Ghewade

‘’ Study of efficacy of Nimbapatra siddha ghrita pratisarana in krimigranthi

Dr.Sanket Jasyal:

Guide Dr Kishor Ghewade

‘’study of the effect of Nayanamrit loha in the management of kaphaja adhimanta w.s.r. to chronic simple glaucoma.

Dr. Adesh Tambole:

Guide Dr Pravin Chavan

‘’ Role of yastimadhu siddha ghrita Tarpan in shushkakshipak dry eye.

Dr.Sushil Ghotpagar:

Guide Dr Pravin Chavan

‘’ Study of efficacy of Ajadhudha saindhav parishek in management of sushkakshipak w.s.r. to dry eye.