Sanskrit-Samhita Siddhanath Departmental information

This department popularly known as department of basic principles. Ayurveda originated as part of Vedic science. All the original texts of Ayurveda were compiled in Sanskrit so the Sanskrit knowledge is compulsory to learn Ayurveda . All the popular samhitas like Charak,Shushrut,Ashtang hrigday Samhita ,Bhavprakash,Madhavnidan,Ashtangsangrah,Bhela ,Kashyap Samhita and many others Samhita are also studied and taught in this department. All Ayurvedic basic principal are taught in this department. Academically I, II, III year BAMS Syllabus included subjects from this department .subjects included for BAMS course areas

For I year BAMS –     Padartha vidyana,Ashtang hridayam,Sanskrit

IIyear BAMS-       Charak Samhita purvardha

IIIyear BAMS-      Charak Samhita  Uttarardha

Facilities in the department-

  • Well designed museum having 32 models, 155 charts, posters
  • Well equipped library having more than 55 ancient Ayurvedic books.
  • Good tutorial room, projector, t.v.set, camera, separate cabins for staff with computer with printer, slide projector and net facility.

Faculty in the department-

Department have well qualified teaching staff –


Name of Teaching Staff Designation

Dr. Chandrakant Shamrao Suryawanshi
( M.D. Samhita Siddhanth)

HOD &  Professor


Dr. Vishal N. Patil
( M.D. Samhita Siddhanth)
 Associate Professor


Dr. Pramod Chougale
(M.D. Samhita Siddhanth)

Assistant Professor

4. Dr. Aishvarya Chougale
( B.A.M.S. & M.A. Sanskrit)

Assistant Professor