Introduction –

Ayurveda is the science of life, hence concerned with prevention and  cure of diseases .Since “ Nidan Parivarjana” is the first step for prevention, the  study of  Nidan should be accurate. Now  a days, the life style has changed drastically  as compared to the ancient times .this promots  disturbances in physical and mental health. It is therefore necessary to prove the etiological factors of the various newer diseases as compared to the Nidan  told  in Ayurveda. It is a need of the day to compare the newer and recent diseases with those told in Ayurveda. The pathogenesis and clinical features need to be compared and correlated. Being located in the semi-urban area,we can achieve this as we get patients of  all varieties from all classes.The cure for these diseases can be achieved by using basic principle Upashaya-Anupshaya.

Facilities in the Department – 

  1. Department is fulfilled by all instruments & Equipment’s which promotes research work conducted by department.

2. Pathologycal specimens & Digital charts with schematic diagrams & photographs enriches students knowledge.

Teaching staff –

Sr.No. Name of Teaching Staff Designation
1. Dr. Gouri Mulik
( M.D.Rognidan)

HOD & Professor

2. Dr. Sandeep Patil
( M.D. Rognidan)



Dr. Abhimanyu Patil
(M.D. Rognidan)

Associate Professor


Dr. Nilam Pravin Chavan
(M.D. Rognidan)

Assistant Professor


Dr. Swapnali Dattatraya Dombe
(M.D. Rognidan)

Assistant Professor

6. Dr. Abhay Khot
(M.D. Rognidan)

Assistant Professor

Synopsis submitted  by Scholars in year 2010-2011 – 

1)      Role of modern life style in the genesis of hridrog.

Scholar- Pankaj Masodkar                        Guide- Dr. Rasik Pawaskar

2)      The study of upashayatmak – anupshayatmak effect of Varunadikwath in mutravaha strotas w.s.r.t. mutrashmari.

Scholar- Vd.Navina Lotankar                     Guide- Dr. Shrikant  Tambe

3)      To study the clinical efficacy of Navayas churna on Hb in pandurog.

Scholar- Vd.Kiran Wagh                               Guide- Dr. Rasik Pawaskar

4)      Upashayatmak prayog of pippali churna and madhu in khaphaj kasa and to identify bacteria involved by throat swab culture.

Scholar- Vd.Abhijit Magdum                      Guide- Dr.Milind Sankpal

5)      To assess the importance of nidanparivarjan in the treatment of medorog with madhu.

Scholar- Vd.Harshal Patil                            Guide- Dr. Shrikant  Tambe

6)      Upashayatmak prayog of Chandraprabhavati in ushnavat w.s.r.t.urinary Tract infection by urine examination.

 Synopsis   submitted  by Scholars in year 2011-2012

1)  Study of nidan and samprapti  Pandurora in Modern time.

Scholar- Vd.Alok kumar        Guide- Dr. Rasik Pawaskar

2) A Clinicopathological study on Madhumeha the therapeutic effect of  Eladi churna on BSL& USL.

Scholar- Vd.Babita Rathod      Guide- Dr. Shrikant  Tambe

3) Hetu of  Mutrakruccha in modern time.

Scholar- Meenu Vijaykumar              Guide- Dr.Rasik Pawaskar

4) Nidanpanchakatmak study of vata-kaphaj –Gudhrasi Krishna Churna.

Scholar- Dr.Milind Beldar                   Guide- Dr.Gouri Mulik

5) An  observation and analytical study of Mutrashmari with the Help of sonological,radiological and urine Analysis.

Scholar- Dr.Krishna Thorat                Guide- Dr.Milind Sankpal

6) Observation and analytical study of types of  Mutrakrucha w.s.r. urine Analysis.

Synopsis submitted  by Scholars in year 2012-2013

1) To study the nidan of  Padadari  according to Ancient and modern era And upashayatmak effect of Saindhavadi Yog.

Scholar- Dr.Trupti Gondkar                       Guide- Dr.Gouri Mulik

2) To Assess the importance of  Nidan Parivarjan in Urdhag Amlapitta & upshayatmak effect with Leelavilas Rasa.

Scholar- Dr.Basavraj Bhinge                    Guide- Dr.Gouri Mulik

3) To study the  Hetus  of   Sheetapitta

Scholar- Dr.Ashish Patil                         Guide- Dr. Milind Sankpal

4) Study of upashayatmak effect of  Pushkarmuladi churna in the Management of vataj Hridrog w.s.r. to Ischaemic Heart disease.

Scholar- Dr.Chaitanya Jadhav             Guide- Dr. Milind Sankpal

5) To study the  Hetus  of   Klaibya

Scholar-  Shishir Shirsat                       Guide- Dr.Rasik Pawaskar

6) To Study of Hetus and samprapti of  Sthaulya in Modern life Style.

Synopsis submitted   by  Scholars in year 2014-2015 – 

1)  Study Of Upashyatmaka effect of Guda Pippali Yoga on Pandu Rog w.s.r. t. Hb %.

Scholar- Dr Kavita Kulkarni      Guide- Dr.Rasik Pawaskar

2)  Study Of Upashyatmaka effect of Lagu Ganghadhar Choorna on Pravahika  w.s.r. to stool Examination.

Scholar-  Saurabh Padhye          Guide- Dr. Milind Sankpal

3) Study of Shundthyadi Kalka in Amavat  w.s.r. t. urine examination.

Scholar –Dr Gajanan Patange          Guide- Dr Gouri Mulik

4) Study of Bharangyadi Leha in Vataja Kasa  w.s.r. t. eociniphilo count.

Scholar-  Dr Mahadev Wanakhede       Guide- Dr Gouri Mulik

5) Study of Hetus of Arsha in modern times.

Scholar-Dr KOmal Dhulgand                    Guide- . Milind Sankpal

6) Study of the Upashyayatmak effect of Haritakyadi Choorna in Amatisar w.s.r.t. stool examination.

Synopsis   submitted   by  Scholars in year 2015-2016 – 

  1. Study of Doshaja Pratishyaya w.s.r. t. absolute eociniphil count.

Scholar- Dr Raviraj Nikam                 Guide- Dr. Milind Sankpal

2. An Upashayatmaka study of effect of Guduchi Ghana Vati in  Vatarakta w.s.r. t. serum uric acid.

Scholar- Dr Pranali Kale               Guide- Dr Gouri Mulik

3. Naidanika Adhyayan of Stanyakshaya w.s.r. t. Upashayatmaka effect of Shashti  Shali.

Scholar –  Dr Minal Ganavir             Guide- Dr Gouri Mulik

4. An Upashayatmaka study of effect of Eladi Choorna in Mutrakrichra w.s.r.t. urine examination.

Scholar- Dr Indrajeet Kulkarni          Guide- Dr. Milind Sankpal

5. Nidanpanchakatmak study of  Dadrukushta w.s.r.t. tenia crrporis.

Scholar- Dr Vinaykumar Patole            Guide- Dr.Rasik Pawaskar

6. Study of  Upashayatmak effect of Bhringaraj Panchanga Choorna on Pandurog w.s.r.t. Hb%.

Research paper and presentations-

Sr No Teachers name Name of seminar/Publication Date Subject Role
1 Dr Gouri Mulik Swastham 2013 15thinternational conference,Satara 17/2/13 Role of Akshitarpan in management of Netravyadhi w.s.r.t. computer vision syndrome. Paper presentation


Meha 14-Anational seminar on diabetis malitus,Belgum 14/3/14 Importance of Vyayam and Yoga in management of DM Paper presentation
3 Swastham 2013 17thinternational conference,on skin care and cosmetology Satara 1/3/15 Importance of Lepa Therapy in Skin Care with special reference to Yuvanpidika Paper presentation
4 Ayurvidya Masika ISSN-0378-6463 Aug 2013 To study the role of diet in modern lifestyle as a Hetu Research paper publications
5 Dr Sandeep Patil IGM publications gournal of medical science and clinical research 4/6/2016 Special case report on Katigata Vata (lumbar spondilysis) Research paper publications
International jouenal of innovative research and studies Sept 2015 Clinical evaluation of Vyoshadi Guggula in Medorog w.s.r.t. hyperlipidemia Research paper publications