Research Methodology  Subject Deals  with very important and foremost  attentive part of the ancient methodologies of research and statistical  analysis developed and followed by  different Ayurvedic scientists and its significance in today’s research. Structurally the subject covers  full information of text related historical methods of research and modern techniques used for updating knowledge  and its practical application in day to day practice. Different research techniques are specially designed for clinical research in Ayurvedic sciences, to know different legal aspects and guidelines of clinical research published by different authorities, to solve unexpected problems occurred during ongoing research project, to know different helping agencies and data sources in this field.

Facilities in the Department:

1)Department’s laboratory is fulfilled with all the instruments which are necessary for performing practicals of Subject.

2)Department’s library fulfilled with subject books and research articles.

3)Department provides platform of Drug testing laboratory to M.D. Scholars.

4)Department provides guidance about statistics to P.G.Scholars.


1)Dr.Prasanna Gavali (Professor)

2)Dr.Shweta Nakil (Lecturer)

Research Methodology  and Medical Statistics :

Sr.No. Name of Teaching Staff Designation
1. Dr. . Prasanna Gavali
( M.D. Dravyaguna )
HOD & Professor
2. Dr. Shweta Nakil
Associate Professor