Asthi Sandhi Avum Marmagata Roga (Orthopedics) – 

This is the branch of Shalya Tantra which deals with diseases or disorders of Asthi & Marma (Bones & Vital organs). Acharya Sushrut has mentioned different bones , joints disorders and their management in ‘Sushrut Samhita’. Various treatment of modalities has been described in samhita by Acharya Sushuruta in management of Bhagna (Fractures).

The purpose to establish the department is to research and to treat in the field of asthisandhi avum marmagata roga as per classical view with Ayurved and Modern aspect.

Specialties –

  • Well equipped trauma care centre.
  • Department conducts research project work on bony degenerative disorders.
  • In Departmental Library Ayurvedic as well as modern books are available.
  • Department having various Models with Charts.
  • Department is having various Orthopedic instruments.
  • Department conducts various camps regularly in rural as well as urban areas.


Dr.Veerendra Minkire (Professor)

Dr.Suyog Patil (Lecturer)